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Vulnerability, that’s why I felt so disconnected from Kurt that last episode, why I had so much trouble with his coldness in the fencing scene. Because even when he was extremely hurt or angry in the past, I always managed to detect a vulnerability in his pain and his anger. I related, I got into his head,I got him.

"They can not touch me" is Kurt’s defense mechanism and his armor but an armor keeps things in just like it keeps things out. It fended the pain off but also held the vulnerability and love in, and Kurt turned into a stone cold statue that only started showing signs of cracking when Blaine expressed fear that Kurt would stop loving him.


Kurt doesn’t like being confronted with harsh truths. It’s how he protects himself and he will stay in denial until he feels attacked and then he will lash out. Hard. That’s how he responded in that fencing scene.

He’s had to grow up with people saying terrible things about him, and he’s responded by not letting what they say touch him. They’re wrong. All these fights have Kurt backing down when Blaine relents and he doesn’t feel like he’s being attacked anymore. Kurt is more willing to comfort and listen when he doesn’t feel blamed.

The problem is that sometimes they’re right. Blaine stepping back is not helping things - these issues keep recurring and escalating because they’re not being resolved.

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